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4 Ways De-Cluttering Your Safe Space De-Clutters Your Mind

Cleaning and lack of cleaning have a direct impact on your mental health. Clutter can have many adverse effects and contribute to increased stress, anxiety, and even depression. In comparison, decluttering and living in a clean space have several positive effects on your mental well-being. Let’s take a look at some of the ways decluttering can improve your overall health, especially your mental well-being.

1.   Benefits on physical health

Decluttering requires a lot of movement and effort. If you’ve been feeling lazy, decluttering is the best way to feel active and energetic. The physical activity required in cleaning a space can improve your blood flow which leads to eliminating lethargy.

2.   Take control of your environment

If you’ve felt like your life is all over the place, and nothing is in your control, you should declutter. Cleaning can help you take control of your environment and provide you a sense of satisfaction. If you’ve been feeling unproductive, cleaning is the optimal task you must perform to feel re-energized. During times of stress, where you may feel everything is out of control, cleaning can also help you become grounded. Consider making cleaning part of your routine to feel in control of your surroundings.

3.   Boost your mood

Cleaning is one of the most effective ways to deal with stress and anxiety. Having a clean room can improve your mental health by producing more happy chemicals in the brain. On the other hand, having clean bedsheets improves your sleep. You will be able to wake up fresh and in a more relaxed mood. Decluttering also provides a sense of achievement which is highly satisfying for someone who has been depressed. Feeling productive can eliminate fatigue and unnecessary stress.

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4.   Increased focus

A messy environment full of clutter can have the same impact on your brain. Too many distractions in your room can shift your attention and spending too much time in a room full of clutter can disrupt your process of retaining information.  However, you may find yourself less irritable, less distracted, and more productive in a clean space.  If you have trouble focusing on your daily tasks, you should decide to declutter your environment. It will help you increase your concentration and also ease your mind.

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