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6 Yard Cleaning Mistakes to Stop Making Now

We love spending time in our backyard but often go for days without cleaning it up. Neglecting our yard can have it looking shabby and haphazard and give off a bad look to visitors.

Before the New Year rolls in, consider sprucing up your yard, and avoid these tips for a more effective cleanup:

Not having a plan:

Before you start landscaping your garden, it is essential to understand how you want your end result to look.

To avoid things looking haphazard, divide your yard into three portions; public areas like the front yard and driveway, private areas like the patio and swimming pool, and the space for utility items like sheds and garbage cans.

Picking out a place for each of these will help you create a plan for cleaning your yard up more conveniently. Involve the whole family and designate and divide areas to make the process faster.

Using non-cohesive elements:

The natural and unnatural elements in your garden should complement each other and exist in unity. Use a combination of plants and structural elements by planting small shrubs near the house’s edge to hide any unsightly foundation.

Incorporate a climbing plant on a porch post for added aesthetics, and find flowers that are easy to take care of and complement your house’s color.

Create an overwhelming garden:

Don’t create a large sprawling garden if you aren’t committed to taking care of it. Although they look better, they require more effort, and you may be unable to give it. Instead, create a small garden that you can take care of and won’t fall into disorder.

Not staking the beds:

Before planting a flowerbed, make sure you stake the borders to make your end results similar to what you had planned. You can use stakes and a string or create a curved bed with a garden hose that looks just as pretty.

High-Angle Photo of Woman Sitting on Grass

Mowing too low:

You might be cutting your grass too short, causing it to weaken and creating more space for weeds to come out. Ask a professional for the perfect height to cut your grass at, and stick to it.

If you are unsure, it is always better to cut a little higher rather than lower.

Overfeeding the lawn:

Giving your lawn too much fertilizer can cause excessive root growth, resulting in more frequent mowing sessions. So unless you are willing to put in more work to avoid an unkempt look, use a fertilizer specially formulated for your type of grass and use it as directed.

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