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How to Clean-up After a Party

No matter how prepared you are to avoid a mess, you will always find yourself stuck in one after a party. Cleaning up the next day in a hangover can be the most annoying task you’ll have to manage post the exciting night. You can avoid feeling overwhelmed if you take care of the chaos systematically. Here are some tips you might want to consider to clean-up after a party.

Collect plastic and glass waste in trash bags

The smartest way to get rid of the mess is by carrying two trash bags around the house; collect the plastic items in one and glass items in another. This is the first step and may take you some time if you’re doing it alone. Once you are done with this, you can take the bags out and dispose of them.

Clean up all the stains

Go around looking for any stains or spills over the floor and kitchen counters. It’s essential to get rid of them before you move on to the next task. Clear out all the plates with the left-over food items. Clean your kitchen sink in case someone decided to puke in there.


Gather all the dishes

The best way to save time is to collect dishes by categories. Pile up the plates of the same size, group all the glasses together, and gather all the silverware before taking them to the kitchen. Clean each item one at a time. This will divide the workload, making your clean-up more effective.

Get the place back in shape

Now that the party is over, you may want to bring the furniture back to its original place. Start with the main area and do as much as you can, fix the chairs, replace the sofas and place the table back at its spot. And while you’re at it, make sure to clean any dirt or stains on the furniture.

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