Most Common Safety Risks on Construction Sites

According to research, construction is the leading industry where workers sustain fatal injuries. Construction workers have to work in risky conditions, with minimum PPE and safety measures. Therefore, there are often reports of construction workers getting into accidents, resulting in fatal injuries.

Here are the most common safety risks on construction sites and how employers and workers can avoid them.

Workers working at a height on a construction site

Working at Height

According to research, most of the injuries and accidents on construction sites were due to falls from height in 2020-2021. Therefore, working at a height is the most significant safety risk at any construction site. Experts at Health and Safety Executive (HSE) make suitable training essential for employees who work at height on construction sites. Therefore, management should provide safety measures like nets, ropes, high-quality ladders, etc.

Moving Objects

Different objects are constantly moved on construction sites. These include supply vehicles, object lifting equipment, diggers, trucks, and more. Workers can run into one of these moving objects, resulting in an accident or injury.

But workers can minimize this safety risk by avoiding working closely with moving objects. In addition, workers should wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), like a high-visibility jacket, to keep themselves safe from such an encounter.

Loud Construction Noise

Do you know that loud noises on construction sites are also a safety risk ? Repetitive and excessive exposure to noise can result in long-term hearing problems. Some workers can even experience deafness due to constant loud noises at a construction site. Employers should provide suitable PPE for workers to prevent this. Moreover, they should also conduct a noise assessment and find ways to reduce noise.

Slips and Falls Due to Obstacles

A construction site has many obstacles, like debris, building material, uneven routes, etc., which can result in slips and falls. Thousands of workers get injured on construction sites every year due to trips and falls. Employers can avoid this by planning safe routes and taking care of debris on time.

Workers picking planks on a construction site

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