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Rearranging Furniture Safely: Tips & Tricks

Rearranging furniture is a great way to revamp your living area, bedroom, or other parts of your home. A fresh, new look revitalizes your home’s interior and offers a unique aesthetic touchup.

Following safe practices and being careful while moving and rearranging your furniture is crucial, however. A wrong lift can result in a pulled muscle, strained joint, or a painful fall.

So before you take the leap of faith and decide to move bulky sofas and pointy tables on your own, here are five useful safety measures to keep in mind.

1.   Measure Your Space

You don’t want to lift a heavy couch, only to find out that it won’t fit the new space. Instead, take precise measurements of your furniture and the available area.

Design a layout beforehand and work accordingly. Avoid cluttering the space by jamming everything in one spot. Moreover, use an online layout application to create a fresh, unified theme.

2.   Avoid Danger Zones

Don’t move the furniture in the wrong direction. Unclear pathways can damage it and may also result in physical injuries. Always declutter the space by removing any carpets, décor, plants, toys, boxes, shoes, and other items to mitigate the risk of tripping over bulky items. 

3.   Distance Away Pets & Children

We can’t emphasize this enough! Toddlers and pets are vulnerable to injuries if not distanced from the work area. Engage them in another activity, turn on the TV, get some snacks, and keep them unaware of your plans.

Tweak your furniture

4.   Tweak Some Protective Features in Your Furniture

Sliding the table or couch can leave permanent marks on wooden floors. Using a slider, felt-pad, or moving straps helps you lift, move, and slide the furniture efficiently without harming the floor and walls.

Moreover, it prevents muscle strains or back pain by letting you glide and maneuver heavy items with ease.

5.   Wear Your Part

Don’t wear loosely fitted clothes, dress shoes, or open toe sandals on moving day. Opt for sturdy, anti-slip shoes, breathable outfits, and rubber gloves to protect yourself from injuries.

6.   Get Rid of Old Junk

Rearranging your furniture gives you an excellent opportunity to get rid of old, rusty items. A decluttered interior has increased functionality and provides space for unique, efficient décor.

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