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Safety Risks: Debris on Construction Sites

Amongst all the jobs, the job of a construction worker is a challenging and risky one. Regardless of their experience and expertise, they can still encounter incidents and be exposed to countless risks and dangers. What could be more dangerous than a site where multiple tools, equipment, and construction debris is lying around?

Construction sites are one of the most dangerous working sites that can lead to severe injuries and sometimes, fatalities too.

One might wonder what the cause of these injuries and deaths is. You’re probably wondering it has something to do with the dangerous on site tools or the heights they work at. However, you’re wrong. You’ll be shocked to know that construction debris poses a far greater threat to construction workers than these dangerous tools and heights.

Debris might seem harmless to us. However, a construction worker is well aware of the risks it brings. Debris is waste and leftover construction materials that’s often left unattended.

Let’s take a look at what safety risks are caused by debris on construction sites.

Safety Risks of Debris on Construction Sites

Debris on a construction site

Construction sites are full of construction workers working on different tasks with different materials and tools.

Working on a construction site will have debris falling from a great height. Might we add, debris doesn’t just include dust, it also includes dangerous and sharp objects.  These objects and debris can easily injure anyone on the site. A worker working is less likely to pay attention to other workers, which makes them prone to getting injured by falling objects.

According to OHSA, about 60 % of construction-related deaths are caused by the “Fatal Four”, which include fall, electrocution, caught in between and getting struck by falling objects. These numbers make it evident that debris imposes immense safety risks on construction sites.

Furthermore, debris can also contribute to slips and trips. Debris can be scattered across the construction site and construction workers can easily trip over the debris and slip on it too. As a result, construction workers can suffer injuries.

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