Furniture Removal Services

Furniture RemovalServices

Getting rid of old furniture isn’t easy. Even if you manage to convince someone to lift and transport the heavy pieces with you, you never know when a rusty, protruding nail can injure you. Luckily, you’ve got Junk Daddy’s furniture removal services in Orlando to handle it all for you.

Our premier furniture removal service in Orlando, FL helps you dispose of non-hazardous items so you can live a clutter-free life.

Our junk removal services include bed removal, table removal, dresser removal, sectional removal, birdcage removal, chest removal, mattress removal, fish tank removal, TV removal, couch removal, sofa removal, and chair removal.

Our professional haulers will lift heavy pieces of furniture and donate or recycle them to minimize the harmful impact of clutter on the environment. Pick up your phone and give us a call right away!

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Have you been putting off buying new furniture because you don’t have the manpower to get rid of old pieces? Junk Daddy can help!

We provide safe and efficient furniture removal services. From doing the heavy-lifting to recycling or disposing of the items, we take care of it all, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Our professional haulers guarantee 100% satisfaction and unparalleled customer service. With the highest quality services at the lowest-rate, Junk Daddy is your partner on a clutter-free journey.

We use eco-friendly cleanup methods to minimize the impact on the environment too! Give us a call today.

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Areas We Serve

Our eco-friendly junk removal company provides services for residential and commercial non-hazardous junk removal. We provide professional and efficient services to the residents of Florida.

  • Orlando, FL
  • Winter Park, FL
  • Winter Garden, FL
  • Windermere, FL

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