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6 Tips to Help Your Children Stay Organized

Tired of cleaning your children’s room every other day and still not being able to get rid of the mess?  That can indeed be bothering that can be, especially when you’re a cleanliness freak parent!

We understand your concerns so let’s take a look at how you can help your children keep their rooms clean! 

Make a Fun To-Do List!

Create a fun poster and stick it on the wall of your child’s room. Mention small tasks that they should do each day. It will instill a sense of responsibility among children and also push them to work efficiently!

For instance, add tasks like, ‘put the socks in the washing machine after coming back from school.’ Ask them to tick off the pointers with colorful markers after completing them. 

Kids Love Rewards – Try Positive Reinforcement!

Give them candy or anything of their choice as a gift when they’ve completed a task. It will help them adopt the desired behavior even better. Positively reinforcing a child is a great way to encourage them and instill good qualities in them.

Praises as simple as clapping, a warm hug, or positive remarks can do wonders! 

Call it a Play-Date!

Don’t make decluttering look like a cleanup activity. That sounds boring. You can rather make it fun and exciting so that your children do it willingly. 

Plan out tasks with them to help them stay organized. Set out 30 minutes every day to play around with them while organizing the books, clothes, and toys. Gradually, it will make them want to have a clean room, and they’ll do the job themselves. 

Dare Them to Find Lost Items

If your child comes to you crying because they can’t find a lost pencil, don’t scold them. Make it sound like a hide-and-seek game and ask them to find it in the backpack or under the bed. Isn’t that where we always end up finding these things eventually?   

Get them Lots of Stationery!

Kids love these! Get folders, colorful markers, sticky notes, and ask your children to store their items accordingly. For instance, adding a colorful note for storing school books, toys,  bedtime stories will make it a lot exciting!

Tell them to use different color codes while storing books for different subjects. Trust us; they won’t lose their Science workbook ever!

Taking it Slow is The Key!

Taking things slow and steady is always the best strategy with kids. Teach them time management but don’t overburden them. Set timers accordingly and discuss the next day’s routine with them!


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