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Customizing Your Garage On a Budget

Garage clutter can keep you from parking your car in the garage with ease. Sometimes, your car takes up so much garage space that you’re left with little to no space for other essential items. 

Your garage can serve multiple functions if you just organize it. You can make it a workshop, warehouse, or even a sanctuary by de cluttering it and freeing up some much-needed floor space.

Hiring garage clean-out services can help you get this project started. But apart from that, here are some budget-friendly ideas for customizing your house’s garage.

Install Magnetic Storage Panels

All you need are basic supplies and creative skills. The first step is to efficiently organize all your tools. While toolboxes offer efficient tool storage, it’s best to install magnetic storage panels in your garage to make your tools more accessible and organized.

With magnetic storage panels, you can display all your tools openly on a wall, saving a great deal of space. This makes them easily identifiable and retrievable.

Magnetic storage panels are affordable fixtures that are available at any hardware store near you.

Add Ceiling Hooks

If you’re a bike owner, it can be challenging to find a storage space for your ride. Don’t settle for leaning your bike against the walls, though; use your garage’s ceiling space by adding ceiling hooks. They’re practical, convenient, and incredibly affordable. 

All you need to do is purchase heavy-duty, rubber-coated ceiling hooks, make holes into the garage ceiling using a power drill, and hang your bike vertically by one of its wheels.

Craft A Gardening Tool Holder

If you’re a gardener, you certainly need a space to stock all the shovels, rakes, and brooms you have. Instead of throwing these items in a garage corner, use the wall space to organize these tools with a hose.

Cut small pieces of a spare hose and cut each piece down the front with a sharp knife or scissors. Install these pieces vertically on one of the garage walls, with their opening facing forward. Hang the lawn and gardening tools on these DIY holders.

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If you’re looking to remodel your garage by simply increasing your storage space, choose our garage clean-out services. We’re a Junk Removal Company in Florida that can help you eliminate clutter in a safe, prompt, and eco-friendly way. Contact us here.

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