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Go Green! 3 Reasons to Hire Eco-Friendly Garbage Clean-out Services

While you may have reasons to toss out your garbage yourself, a  professional garbage removal service can do the job so much better.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection strongly emphasizes waste reduction by practicing nature-friendly removal and disposal services.

As a nation, it’s our responsibility to save the planet. And no, we don’t mean you have to donate a million dollars to a Each act counts—no matter how big or small!

In this blog, we’re going to list three reasons to hire eco-friendly garbage removal services and their impact on the environment.


Not everyone has access to recycling plants and depots—the reason why most people dispose of their trash as general waste. Hiring an eco-friendly garbage cleanout service saves you time and money and eliminates the junk and debris without harming the environment.

Your old furniture, appliances, and metallic items can be recycled to make new products rather than choking the landfills, promoting a healthier environment.

No Chemicals Involved

Here are some fast facts about the biodegradation span of various daily use items:

  • One plastic bottle requires 450 years to decompose.
  • A tin can takes 50 years.
  • Milk cartons consume around five years to decompose. And so on.

We use more than 1.6 million barrels of oil to make plastic—and do you know how much time it takes for a plastic bag to decompose? More than 1,000 years!

This is where eco-friendly garbage disposal services come into play. Items like aluminum cans, straws, paper waste, glass, food waste, cardboards, and clothing can easily be recycled if disposed of properly.

More than 120,000 tin cans are recycled every minute in America—so why not contribute to sustainable practices by hiring a climate-conscious garbage cleanout service?

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Hiring a waste removal service helps you save money with efficient pickup and hauling practices.

Think about all the things you need to reach the nearest recycling depot—a vehicle, gas, a trailer, time, and a lot of money. And if you fail to complete garbage disposal within a day, the opportunity cost starts adding up. So, let the professionals take care of your garbage while you sit back and relax.

Looking For Quality Trash Removal Services in Orlando, FL?

We, at Junk Daddy, specialize in disposing of non-hazardous garbage and junk to help you stay stress-free. Our waste collection, hauling, sorting, and disposal practices are sustainable, ensuring climate protection.

In addition to Junk removal, we also help you dispose of the old appliance, furniture, mattress, e-waste, and property waste in an eco-friendly manner. Learn more about our flexible pricing plans or schedule a service right away!

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