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How To Clean Your Cluttered Basement

Basements are like a magic closet where you put in stuff and forget about them. And over time, the stuff just keeps on piling up and up until you find yourself lost in tall towers of boxes unable to find your grandma’s doily. A basement can be a fantastic area for you and your family to methodically store items and create a hangout space for your guests and children.

Here’s how you can get started on de-cluttering your basement:

Take Inventory Of All The Stuff You Can Get Your Hands On

Since all the items in the basements are stuff you actually wanted to keep at some time, now you’ll have to decide if they’re worth keeping or not. Take this time to tag wanted items and start packing the items you don’t need and want to give away. Don’t feel like you have to rush through this. Take your time and make this a long-term project because if you hasten and start piling on stuff in the donation box, you might feel frustrated and emotional with some sentimental items.

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Purge The Basement

Call the shaman and purge your basement of the all evils of capitalism, just kidding. By purging, we mean gathering items that need to be thrown out like a broken chair, broken toys, and knick-knacks that make no sense with your décor anymore. Final advice: toss them or get them picked by the local junk haulers. If you’ve not used any of these items for more than two years, you probably won’t later on.

Sort Out Your Basement

Now that you’ve got all the junk and donations out of the way, you’ll be left with items you want to keep. My dear sentimental homeowner, now you can organize your treasure hoard in a way that you can find the item you need when you need it. You should ideally get this done in a single sitting and make a list of the items based on their location in the basement to help you keep track of them.

Call The Non-Profit For Donations

Now that you’ve sorted out your basement and your donation pile, call up the local non-profit and discuss the items you’re intending to donate. More often than not, they’ll send a pick-up to your property if you have a large and valuable donation.

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Get In Touch With Local Cleanout Service For Junk Removal From Your Property In Orlando

After you’re done with the keep pile, the donation pile, now the time comes to deal with the junk pile. If you’ve got items like an old broken typewriter, an old VCR player, a broken jukebox, etc. you can call an e-waste disposal company to sustainably scrap, recycle, and dispose of your items and equipment.

Check out our services at Junk Daddy and get a quote from us on your junk removal request. You can also get in touch with us to learn more about our trash removal services, wood removal services, and landscaping delivery services in Orlando.

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