How to Recycle Appliances After Appliance Removal in Orlando?

Do you want to buy a new appliance, like a washing machine or a refrigerator? But buying a new appliance also means taking care of the old one that you no longer need. Most people throw out their old appliances, but there’s a better way around it! Improper disposal of old appliances results in the release of hazardous substances like oil, mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), ozone-depleting substances (ODS), and greenhouse gases.

Therefore, it’s essential to recycle appliances instead of throwing them out. Here’s your guide to safely recycling old appliances.

An old washing machine in good condition

Sell or Donate It

If your appliance is in working condition, we recommend donating or selling it so someone else who can reuse it. If you need quick money, head to an online marketplace to create a listing. Once you find the right customer, you can sell your appliance at your desired price. However, if you don’t need money, the better option is to donate the appliance to a local charity or a thrift store.

Get an Appliance Swap

Do you know that you can swap your old appliance for a new one? However, this depends on your retailer. Some retailers check your appliance’s condition and sell you a new appliance, where you just have to pay the difference in price.

However, if you need this option, you might have to browse a lot to find retailers that offer an appliance swap in your area. Companies usually take old appliances and use functional parts in new products. In addition, through this process, you can ensure that the appliances get an Eco-friendly disposal.

Scrap and Sell Different Parts

Do you have an appliance that doesn’t work properly? You can still sell or donate its parts! However, for this process, you must hire an experienced professional who extracts valuable parts out of it. This process can be lengthy and costly. But you can always find a local bounty program that purchases your appliance for recycling its parts.

A microwave and toaster on a kitchen counter

Find a Service for Appliance Removal in Orlando

However, recycling a large or small appliance can take time, effort, and even money! At Junk Daddy, we offer appliance removal in Orlando, where we pick up old appliances from homes and dispose of them through eco-friendly methods. Through our junk hauling services in Orlando, you can remove old refrigerators, microwaves, washers, dryers, ovens, and stoves.

Reach out to us and benefit from our eco-friendly appliance removal in Orlando.

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