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The Importance Of Recycling In 2021?

Scientists estimate that about 292.4 million tons of municipal solid waste are generated by the U.S. annually—out of which more than 50% of all waste ends up in landfills or gets thrown into the sea.

As human beings, we must be conscious about how our actions impact the environment—and that includes disposing of junk responsibly. Hiring a junk removal company that recycles its garbage is the best way to start caring for the environment.

Here’s why you should always recycle your waste.

1.      Positive economic impact

Recycling has several economic impacts apart from benefitting the environment.

Recycling has created over 1 million jobs across the states in the U.S. These numbers are projected to increase with the increasing demand for recyclable material.

Recycling also prevents wastage, which means materials like polymer and rubber that take decades to decompose in landfills can be used as raw material, saving companies a money in the long run.

2.      Conserving Resources

Recycling helps us conserve resources, preventing the extraction of fresh raw material from the earth through forestry, mining, and other procedures.

In this way, not only do we minimize waste, but we also prevent our natural reserves from getting depleted.

We can thus preserve raw material while protecting the natural habitat for the future.

3.      Environmental impact

Through recycling, we decrease the need for non-renewable resources. More than 94% of the natural resources American’s use are non-renewable, meaning that we use up these materials faster than we produce them.

An example is recycling paper; if we don’t recycle paper for wood is needed for harvesting to meet the consumer demand. On the contrary, if we do recycle, less wood is harvested, which positively affects the environment. Similarly, recycling items like aluminum, steel, and plastic can decrease its extraction rate, and this helps nature replenish itself.

A heap of recyclable material ready for sorting.

Deciding to start recycling is easy, but doing it is a tough job. We’re so used to casually littering and wasting so much that we tend to forget the enormous negative impact these actions have on the environment.

An easy way to start recycling is by managing your garbage.

At Junk Daddy, we ensure that all garbage collected is 100% recyclable. We take pride in delivering junk removal services in Orlando. FL, for items that are non-hazardous and disposing of them in an eco-friendly way.

We also offer premier wood removal, landscaping, and appliance removal in Orlando, FL.

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