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Your Ultimate Guide to Fall Clean Up

Take out some time this fall season and declutter the piled-up junk in your home’s interior and exterior. While spring cleaning is a popular trend after the New Year, fall cleanup prepares you well for the winters.

Making the necessary repairs around the house, getting rid of junk, decluttering your home’s attic, and disposing of recyclable waste helps you create a safe and healthy environment for your family. Seasonal cleaning can start as soon as the first leaf falls—so that when the air turns frosty, you can get cozy inside your home.

Moreover, cleaning your home during the season enhances the property’s functionality and curb appeal, making your upcoming family gatherings and Halloween parties more fun.

Let’s look at how you can get down to business with your fall cleaning project!

Indoor Cleaning

Fall cleaning doesn’t just mean mowing your lawn or cleaning the gutters. You must pay equal attention to your home’s interior and clean everything from the windows to chimneys.

Window Washing

Sunny days are over, and winter is coming! Dirty windows make your home unattractive and increase the chances of dust allergies during the season. As you’ll be keeping your windows shut throughout the autumn and winter season to keep the cold wind out, fall is the best time to clean up the debris and grime settled on them.

Carpet Cleaning

The next thing you should do is vacuum your carpeting. If you haven’t changed the carpets in a while, maybe consider doing that first. Unclean and old carpets become a hiding space for bugs and dust mites that cause nasal and skin allergies.

Chimney Inspection

Everyone loves a warm interior filled with the smell of freshly baked cookies in the fall. But wait, have you checked if your chimney and fireplace are fully operational? Inspect and clean the accumulated carbon and junk settled in your fireplace to avoid last-minute hassles.

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Radiator Touchups

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Dust mites love to hide inside the radiator filters. If you don’t clean out the unit and replace the dusty, old filter before turning it on, the bugs and settled dust diffuse in the air and enter into your nose. And that’s how the allergies kick in!

Decluttering the Attic

Keeping your attic well-ventilated and clutter-free ensures maximum functionality of your house roof and allows additional space for storing your summer items.

Remove old junk, toys, cardboard boxes, old furniture, clothes, and other unused items and plan for sustainable disposal.

Outdoor Cleaning

Now it’s time to hop in your landscaping boots and outfit & get to work!

Clearing Debris

Start with a comprehensive property inspection. Take care of minor repairs and renovations and clean the debris that has settled during the summer season. We highly recommend using eco-friendly garbage bags for waste collection.

Unclogging Drains

Unclog the roof drains and gutter lines before heavy rain and hailstorms arrive. Clean out the debris and leaves from the gutter guards and ensure clear downspouts. 

Removing Fallen Branches, Leaves, and Mulch

Grab a mulching lawnmower or a leaf vacuum and clear out your yard or garden. A sustainable way to reuse the mulch is to create compost for the next year. Fallen leaves are an organic treasure!

Decluttering the Shed

Maximize the space in your garage and shed by reorganizing the tools and machines and getting rid of the unused, malfunctioned ones. Don’t store glue, paints, canned food, clothing, electronics, and other temperature-sensitive items in your shed.

Have You Completed Your Fall Cleanup? Let Us Clear Out the Junk For You!

We’re a full-service junk removal company in Orlando, Florida. Our services include everything from trash, furniture, appliance, mattress, and carpet removal to property, foreclosure, and shed cleanout.

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