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4 Decluttering Tips To Reduce Allergies

Unfortunately, allergies are something you’ll have to live with. Sudden coughing fits, watery eyes, or rapid sneezes will probably make for dull moments, but try to stop and think about what is causing all this. It’s quite possible that dust mites are gathered somewhere, aggravating your allergies. According to Ecology Works Magazine, an average American household gathers up to 40 pounds of dust annually.

It could be that despite cleaning the obvious surfaces, there are hidden dust bunnies and particles underneath out-of-use items and objects. The best solution to this problem is to eliminate unnecessary clutter.

Junk Daddy offers junk removal services for household junk, trash removal, pool table removal, e-waste removal and yard debris. They also provide shed removal, fence removal, demolition and drywall removal.  

In addition to getting help from the experts, here are four ways to mitigate allergies by decluttering:

1. Using Correct Equipment

Good cleaning equipment, such as high-powered vacuums with dust trap filters, is essential. An efficient vacuum which traps dust and antigens will prevent them from reentering the atmosphere while cleaning. Apart from this, you can also consider investing in anti-allergen detergents and cleaning solutions and make sure to use different clothes for different surfaces to avoid damaging them.

2. Wearing a Mask

If there’s anything COVID-19 has taught us, it is important to wear a mask. If you have hyperactive allergic reactions to dust, wear a surgical mask before decluttering. Ventilate your rooms as much as possible to let some fresh air in. If all of this is inconvenient and a pain point for you, let the professionals at Junk Daddy help you with decluttering.

3. Knowing Where Dust is Hiding

Knowing where dust is hiding can become an intuitive task and save you many days of coughing and sneezing, if you simply decide to declutter first. Let go of furniture, furnishings, old mattresses and appliances with the best non-hazardous waste-disposal service Junk Daddy in Winter garden. 

4. Seasonal Decorations

Holiday decorations are one of the seasonal clutters that just happen to stick around all year round. It’s not always sustainable or affordable to toss out some of these cute Christmas decorations, and they hold nostalgic value too, but it’s not too improbable that dust bunnies are latching onto your fairy lights and mistletoes.  

Declutter in minutes suggests starting with trash removal, holding onto the recyclables, and then designating a place to store them. If that place is your garage, get a proper garage cleanout with Junk Daddy to make space for these things.

Get Rid of Clutter and Allergies Now! Reach Out to Junk Daddy

Now that we have established that clutter and allergies go hand in hand, you ought to feel better because your groggy days are over! With the best non-hazardous waste disposal service in town, you have nothing to worry about.

Junk Daddy offers premier and effective decluttering and junk removal services to help you make the most of your space and avoid allergies and other conditions that can be aggravated by dust. Contact us today and stay free of clutter and allergies!

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