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4 Ways To Dispose Of Construction Debris

The construction industry produces various waste materials that can be used in different places. However, the rest of the waste needs to be disposed of properly. The majority of construction waste ends up in landfills. So as a responsible builder, you can ensure minimal waste on your property and recycling opportunities for leftover materials.

Here’s how you can responsibly dispose of your construction materials and debris:

Building Materials Can Be Used In Other Projects

Construction materials come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They’re needed for remodeling projects. Repairs, demolition, and basic construction, and with all of these processes comes construction waste. These can be nails, wiring insulation, wood, plaster cement, bricks, etc., and usually, these end up in landfills or destroyed. However, these materials can be recycled.

Wooden debris can be repurposed in remodeling projects, while the cement, plaster, and bricks can be crushed and repurposed in a different construction capacity.

Metal Can Be Scrapped And Sold

If you’re left with a bundle of wires, iron rods, and metal materials, these can be sent to the scrap yard or recycling companies that can repurpose the metal to make other objects like metal sheets for creating structure and other items.

You can contact your local recycling center and ask them to pick up the construction debris from your site.

Light Fixtures And Other Accessories Can Be Donated

If you’re hired for demolition services, there might be a lot of the things in the building, like old light fixtures, doors, cabinets, etc., that can all be donated. Otherwise, they’ll all just become part of the demolished building. You can contact the local non-profits and organizations that donate refurbished items to families and individuals in need. This way, these items can breathe new life into different homes.

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Get In Touch With Construction Debris Removal Services in Orlando

Another way to dispose of your construction debris is to call your local junk removal services. Remember to ensure their disposal process for the materials, so the waste is disposed of responsibly.

At Junk Daddy, we ensure the safe and responsible disposal of all waste materials. We often try to donate what we can and send the rest of the material for scraps or disposal. Get in touch with us to learn more about our shed removal, property cleanout, and light demolition services. You can also call us to get a quick quote on our junk removal services in Orlando.

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