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5 Signs Your Hot Tub Needs To Be Removed

Coming back home after a tiring day at work and wanting to relax in a hot, healing bath can be tempting. However, realizing something is wrong with the hot tub may frustrate you. Unless the problem can be fixed with a quick chemical treatment, you’ll have to get rid of the hot tub to avoid frequent, costly repairs. Here are some signs to look out for that indicate your hot tub needs replacement:

1. Water Odor

Water odor indicates your hot tub isn’t circulating water properly. It may also be a sign of contaminated or bacteria-filled water. There’s a high chance the hot tub’s pump, drain, or filter is clogged, causing the water to become stagnant. If such a situation arises, know that it’s time to get rid of your old hot tub.

2. Unappealing or Dirty Water

There’s a problem with your hot tub if the water appears green or black. Algae buildup and contamination are two major causes of dirty hot tub water. If sanitizing the tub doesn’t resolve the issue, the reason must be corroding pipes. In that case, it’s optimum to dispose of the hot tub and get a new one to enjoy health benefits.

3. Inability to Heat Water

What good is a hot tub if it can no longer warm water for you? Coldwater with little circulation is a sign you need to look out for. It’s best to discard your hot tub if such a situation arises and install a new one for healthier outcomes.

4. Jet Pressure

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Over time, calcium and debris buildup might cause your tub’s jets to malfunction. If thorough cleaning doesn’t make a difference, check the filter. You can try changing it, but if the problem persists, we suggest you remove the hot tub for good!

5. Problems with the Control Panel     

Faulty control panels are another sign you should get rid of your old hot tub. If the control panel flashes an error notification at you, you can try getting it repaired. However, buying a new tub would be better in the long run!

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