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Cleaning Up Your House After A DIY Construction Project

The pandemic has seen a rise in DIY culture, especially home improvement and renovation. This is because people have had spare time on their hands during the lockdown.

DIY construction projects can have many benefits, such as increasing home value, appeal, a chance to engage with family members, expanding your skill set, and much more. However, once the project is completed, cleaning up the mess can be a handful.

Here are some ways to clean up your house after a DIY construction project.

Cover Your Furniture

Home renovation projects can result in a lot of mess, especially when you’ve taken up the task of doing it yourself. No matter what kind of project you’re undertaking, there’s bound to be a lot of dust and grime. We can tell you the different ways you can clean your furniture, but what can be better than taking preventative measures to protect your furniture items?

You can cover your furniture with several types of cloth to prevent it from getting dirty and save yourself the tumultuous task of deep-cleaning.

Ensure Proper Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning the carpet may seem unnecessary, but you’ll be surprised to know how much dust or grime your carpet has accumulated. Carpets experience a considerable amount of wear and tear, and carpet fibers can even trap dust residue. Dirty carpets can become breeding grounds for various illnesses for several periods.

Especially for asthma patients, dirty carpets can expose you to dust and grime. Invest in a vacuum, and be sure to deep-clean your carpet for proper cleaning.

Don’t Neglect the Walls

DIY home construction projects inevitably result in heaps of construction dust accumulating on the walls. One of the most effective ways to clean dust from the walls includes using a damp cloth or towel to wipe the walls. For areas that are hard to reach, attach a piece of fabric or towel to the bottom of your broom and mop away.

Replace Air Filters

During any construction project, ensure that your air filters are closed off to prevent dust from entering. If dust enters your ventilation system, it can easily send dust particles inside your house, which is hazardous for you and your family’s health. We recommend replacing air filters just to be on the safe side.

While these tips can help you clean up after any DIY construction project, hiring a professional for property cleanout services in Orlando can be the best way to go.

Junk Daddy provides reliable and efficient construction debris removal in Orlando. Our team consists of registered and trained haulers who have years of experience removing junk from any construction site. Our services include yard waste removal, junk removal, e-waste disposal, and much more.

Reach out to us for a quote and ensure a clean and hygienic space.

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