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Four Ways to Get Rid of Old Appliances

Are you on the hunt for a new refrigerator, chopping machine, or other household appliances? You may most likely spend your time researching the best available brands and distinctive product features. However, safely disposing of your old appliances in an environmentally friendly way is also crucial.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has reported that refrigerants commonly found in most air conditioners and refrigerators emit hazardous gases. Hence, they’re responsible for contaminating the atmosphere.

Junk Daddy can help you assist in this regard. You may also consider the following ways to get rid of your old items:

1. Find Them New Homes

There are various ways to sell your serviceable home appliances, such as placing an advertisement in your local newspaper and social media websites such as Facebook or an online marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers.

 The biggest advantage of selling your disposables is that the people buying them will most likely come and pick them up from your doorstep, saving you delivery charges or the hassle of transporting these goods to the respective buyer.

2. Donate to a Charity

You may also want to explore donating your appliances to charitable institutions. Many institutions are accepting unwanted commodities, such as Salvation Army and Goodwill. You may also want to consider giving your clothes and children’s toys to them.

In the United States, charitable contributions made either through money or merchandise to qualified organizations can help deduct taxable income. All you need is to present the receipt of your contribution to the Internal Revenue Services.

3. Look into Recycling

If you strongly believe in environmental preservation, recycling is your best option, especially for your irreparable home supplies. In 2018, the recycling rate in the United States was 32.1%. Every state in America has different rules and regulations regarding recycling. Make sure to gather all the relevant information before making your decision.

4. Haul-Away Programs

Whenever you plan to go shopping to buy a new TV or microwave, check if they offer services to dispose of unwanted appliances. If not, you may also want to try to call your manufacturers directly for more information.


Disposing of old appliances in an eco-friendly manner can be confusing for many people. The above-mentioned ways can be considered to get a clear understanding of this issue.

Still can’t decide how to get rid of your old appliances? Let us take care of it. We offer appliance removal services in Orlando, FL and nearby areas. We also provide professional trash removal services such as garage cleanouts and construction debris removal. Get in touch with us for more information about our services.

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