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Recycling: Why It’s Important

It is estimated that 292.4 million tons of municipal solid garbage are produced yearly, with more than 50% of the waste ultimately being dumped in landfills or washed out to sea.

Humans are responsible for considering the consequences of their activities, including proper trash disposal. If you care about the environment, the first step you can take toward protecting the environment is to choose a reliable junk removal service in Orlando.

You can count on Junk Daddy! We take great pride in our eco-friendly practices, which include recycling the vast majority of our trash rather than letting it rot in a landfill to lessen our environmental effects.

Continue reading to learn why we take recycling so seriously and encourage everyone else to do the same.

Impact On The Environment

Recycling helps cut down on the consumption of finite resources. We consume more natural resources than we can replace, with 94% of them being non-renewable.

For example, consider the need for recycling paper: if we don’t reuse it, more trees will need to be cut down to fulfill consumer demand. Conversely, fewer trees will be cut down if we recycle, which is good for the environment. The rate at which natural resources are extracted is slowed by recycling commodities like aluminum, steel, and plastic.

Beneficial For The Economy

The environmental benefits of recycling are only one of several economic outcomes. Across the country, recycling has spawned millions of new jobs. As recycling becomes more popular, these figures are expected to rise.

As a bonus, recycling helps reduce waste, which means that products made from polymer and rubber, which take decades to disintegrate in landfills, can be used again as raw materials.

Resource Minimization

By keeping us from having to cut down trees or dig up minerals, recycling helps us avoid using up even more of the planet’s finite supply of raw materials. By doing so, we not only reduce our environmental impact but also safeguard our limited natural resources.

Therefore, we can safeguard the natural environment while also preserving raw materials for the future. At Junk Daddy, we also offer e-waste disposal in Orlando, so if you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to dispose of your electronics, we’re here to help.

Cardboard Recycling

At Junk Daddy, we go the extra mile to ensure that almost every piece of trash we haul away can be recycled. For non-hazardous waste, we’re proud to provide eco-friendly garbage removal services in Orlando, Florida.

In addition to mattress removal, light demolition, and appliance removal, we also provide foreclosure cleanouts.

Contact us for a free estimate of our services!

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