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4 Signs Telling You it’s Time For Mattress Removal

An old mattress is often treated like furniture. You might not realize how long it’s been there. As it gets old, the springs might loosen or become squeaky, but here’s the thing; all these signs have an insidious effect on your body too!

According to National Library of Medicine, participants who slept on medium-firmness mattresses had the least levels of back pain. So, if your mattress feels too soft and sagged, it’s time to let it go. Junk Daddy offers eco-friendly and convenient mattress removal services. They provide hassle-free pick-up and disposal.

Look out for these four signs to say goodbye to your old sack:

1. You Wake Up Feeling Tired

If you feel like sleeping is becoming an arduous task and you cannot find the right position, your mattress might be the culprit. Even if you keep squirming for eight perfect hours, this mattress will not give you the comfort you seek.

2. Your bed is getting noisy

If your bed is making more squeaky sounds than usual, it is not poorly fitted to the frame of your bed. You might need to call a carpenter to fix the frame or replace the springs.

If you decide to toss out the bed and other old furniture, Junk Daddy offers furniture removal services as well. Their services can help you get rid of all the old furniture that you no longer need.

3. Gaining Or Losing Weight

If your body weight has changed over time, the old mattress is not for you. Whether you gain or lose weight, the mattress is not sufficiently sized and shaped to give you the best back support. Harvard Health Publishing finds that mattresses need to be replaced as we age since our bodies require greater support over time.

4. Allergies Acting Up At Night

It’s hard to realize this, but the reason allergies suddenly get aggravated at night has much to do with the mattress. Your old mattress must either be thrown away because it’s so old and rusty or needs a thorough cleaning.

Bid Farewell To Back Ache, Allergies And That Horrid Mattress

The comfort that Junk Daddy promises with our easy pick up to smooth disposal can actually compensate for how badly your mattress has treated you.

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