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The Health Hazards of Old, Dirty Carpets

Let’s start with some surprising facts about how dirty your carpets can be:

  • Carpets can accumulate four times more dirt than air has dust.
  • Carpets can hold a notorious amount of grime, dust mites, bugs, pet feces and urine, insect husks, mold, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds.
  • Dirty carpets are bad news for asthma, allergies, rhinitis, and eczema patients.
  • Eating off food dropped on a carpet can result in severe stomach problems.

Carpeting is subjected to a lot of wear and tear, especially if you have kids and pets in the house. Inadequate maintenance of dirty carpeting fuels the growth of harmful compounds that compromise occupants’ well-being. In this blog, we discuss four alarming hazards of dirty carpets.  

1.   Compromised Indoor Air Quality

Your carpet contains several VOCs that can start diffusing volatile substances into the air. Moreover, carpets act as a reservoir of dust and soil due to the footwear brought in from outdoors. The Environment Protection Agency suggests the following precautionary measures to mitigate the health risks of carpet pollutants:

2.   They’re Dirtier than Your Toilet Seat!

A dirty carpet can hold more than 200,000 bacterial particles per square inch, which is 4,000 times more than the germs on your toilet seat! Need we say more?

3.   Increased Risk of Skin Infections

The American Dermatology Association suggests that several eczema triggers hide inside dirty carpets—and the pollutants aren’t just harmful to your skin. They can also cause painful and itchy eye & nasal allergies.

Pollen, dust, pet feces; it all adds up bit by bit, sinks to the bottom layer, and eventually releases harmful air pollutants. And the accumulated moisture becomes a significant factor for mold growth, particularly in hot temperatures, as we have in Florida.

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4.   Dispose Of Your Old Carpets Safely

Section 403.7032 sets a goal of 75% of statewide recycling practices. It instructs communities to opt for safe, eco-friendly junk removal options to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our appliance, e-waste, carpet and mattress removal, and old furniture hauling services comply with the state guidelines and disposal regulations.

Keep your family, surroundings, and the planet safe by choosing our sustainable junk removal services in Orlando, FL.

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