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E-Waste: Why is It Important to Dispose E-Waste Properly

In this era of technology, there isn’t a single person who doesn’t have an electronic gadget. We’re driven to have the latest technology in our hands. As soon as a new version of our gadgets is released, we replace our old ones for a new one.

That’s fine though, we all love to have the latest gadgets. What’s not fine is just getting rid of your gadgets without any proper disposal. E-waste can immensely harm our environment.

Let’s take a look at why e-waste disposal is essential.

E-Waste Can Harm the Environment

Electronic devices contain toxic metals like cadmium, chromium, and mercury, and other harmful substances. These substances can be toxic when they’re out in the environment. These toxic substances are released into the air and contaminate the environment causing different health issues.

People often throw their electronic gadgets away, and these gadgets end up in landfills. Landfills don’t have proper disposals; they’re just heaps of waste. This can increase the possibility of such materials making their way through different mediums, putting the environment at greater risk. Therefore, it’s essential to dispose of this e-waste to avoid such risks and dangers. 

E-Waste Can Contaminate Water and Soil

We already know that electronic gadgets consist of harmful substances and can cause grave dangers to our health and the environment. If these chemicals seep into nearby water bodies or soil, it can cause drastic effects.

Any harmful chemical or substances in water sources can put marine life in danger. Furthermore, the water is contaminated with poisonous substances making it dangerous for humans and aquatic species.

Let’s not forget what such substances can do if they reach the soil. Any contamination in the soils will affect plants and put all kinds of consumers in danger. Moreover, these crops and plants are consumed by humans and animals too and can lead to poisonous effects on our bodies.

Minor soil and water contamination can trigger a poisonous food chain reaction.

E-Waste Can be Recycled

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Electronic gadgets may contain harmful substances, but they have some beneficial elements too. These spare parts can be extracted from electronic gadgets and can be recycled and used again. Just throwing your electronic gadgets away aren’t a good way to get rid of them; proper disposal is essential to ensure that e-waste isn’t damaging the environment.

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