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Easy Tips To Transform Your Home in 2023

You might get a sudden urge to refresh your home, and you seem to have new themes in mind too. But we all know redesigning spaces takes more than just creating a mood board. One of the biggest obstacles in the way of home transformation is the thought of getting all that junk out of the way. So if you’ve been wishing for an expert mover and waste disposal service, Junk Daddy is your genie in a bottle.

Once all that clutter is out of the way, you can start thinking about DIY and professional renovation services. Whether you are going for DIY or hiring a contractor to get some changes around the house, here are some tips to help you achieve the dream home makeover you want:

Create a Picture Wall

Adding a designated picture wall is one of the best ways to personalize a home space. You can use an accent wall with a vibrant color or go for wallpaper to add some variation to your color pallet. Use some of the memorable snaps you have collected over time and go for differently-sized frames to add some character. Make sure to use negative spacing, so it does not look like a cluster.

Pink Wall with an assortment of artwork after furniture removal

According to Vogue, picture wall selections should be a curate of family heirlooms, fun prints, and flea market finds. After all, a picture wall exudes a part of your personality, and it’s a small window into your life.

Go For Symmetrical Arrangements

If your redecoration options are limited, or you don’t necessarily want to experiment with too many colors. You can always try to go for symmetrical arrangements. Speaking to HOMESANDGARDENS magazine, Interior designer Maureen Steven, says, “Symmetry is what makes a space beautiful- to designers, all we need is balance, things don’t have to be matchy-matchy.”  

Add Mirrors to Create Depth

One of the reasons people are looking for home transformations is because their spaces suddenly feel cramped or small. Adding mirrors creates the illusion of making a space look bigger and broader than it is. According to LivSpace magazine, mirrors create finesse; they add sophistication to the room’s overall look.

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Start Your Home Transformations Today with Junk Daddy

Another tip to make a space feel bigger than it is to get rid of items taking up the space. Junk Daddy helps you get rid of things you’ll never use and things you are sick of looking at. They provide furniture removals, appliance removal and landscaping delivery services.

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