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Getting the Spare Room Ready for a Home Office: 5 Tips

It is no doubt that although the pandemic is almost over, it has changed life as we know it. Following the pandemic, there was a transition in every walk of life, including our working pattern.

Social distancing measures and periods of quarantine led to a significant proportion of Americans working from home. While working from home has its ups and downs, the importance of a home office has never before been so evident. Here are some ways you can get a spare room ready for a home office makeover:

Clean the Space

Now that you’ve decided to turn the spare room into a home office, the primary step involves cleaning the place. We don’t just mean de-cluttering and removing any existing memorabilia but sprucing the space to suit your office needs.

You can have the walls painted to give it a more subtle touch for your office space. Clear the area to make room for a productive working environment.

Pick the Right Furniture

Most remote jobs are desk-based jobs and involve six to eight hours sitting on a desk or utilizing a table. Choose the right furniture for your office space to avoid any potential posture injuries and work comfortably.

MacBook Pro on home office table

Light It Up

A home office requires the right kind of lighting to allow you to work at any time of the day. While we recommend designing your home office in a way that makes maximum use of sunlight, don’t neglect the inside lighting.

Install hanging lights or a desk lamp to help you concentrate and enhance productivity in an aesthetic working environment.

Create an Office Equipment Checklist

A home office may not have the facilities offered by your past office but has the potential to become the perfect office space. Prepare a list of all essential office equipment to ensure a seamless working experience. Some essential items can include a backup internet device, laptop, scanner, printer, and other devices.

Add a Personal Touch

The final touch to your home office should display an essence of your personality, which makes the space you. Since you’ll be spending a good amount of time in your home office, decorate the space with anything that motivates you.

You can create a small corner in your home office for productive breaks or even a coffee machine to create a space where you love working.

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