Steel debris on a construction site

How Construction Debris Can Be a Safety Risk

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, construction and demolition debris isn’t included in the usual waste, as the former contains materials like wood, steel, brick, concrete, and asphalt. Construction debris negatively impacts the environment and can be a huge safety risk for constructors, visitors, and people who live near a construction site.

Here are some construction debris risks you need to know.

Results in Trips, Falls, and Slips

One of the biggest reasons construction debris can be a safety risk is that constructors working on the site or any external party visiting a project can be susceptible to tripping, falling, or slipping on the debris. These incidents may seem small but can lead to major injuries and even fatalities. It’s essential for construction site officers to get rid of this debris timely, so it doesn’t become such a huge safety risk.  

Creates Unsafe Working Conditions for Construction Workers

Constant minor and major incidents and fatalities result in an unsafe working environment for constructors. These construction workers are at a higher risk of getting into workplace accidents or, worse, losing their lives due to improperly-managed construction debris. Sharp pieces from the debris can result in cuts and scratches. So companies need to create better conditions and prioritize the safety of construction workers for maximum productivity and prevention of any fatal incidents.

Regular Exposure Can Be Unsafe for Health

Construction debris includes shingles, cement, stones, and other loose items, which create a lot of dust. People that work on a construction site or live near one are exposed to debris, dust, and fumes daily.

This dust includes silica, metals, and other toxic chemicals, which can enter a person’s body through breathing, resulting in lung inflammation and scarring. Construction debris must be dealt with on time, or it can be a significant health hazard for everyone exposed to it.

Can Cause a Fire

Construction debris includes flammable materials like plywood, which is a huge fire hazard. If you keep construction debris on the site for a long time, it’s highly likely to go up in flames, putting the lives of workers and people living in nearby buildings at risk.

A construction truck picking up sand from a construction site

Looking for Ways to Deal with Construction Debris? Try Junk Daddy

These construction debris risks emphasize the importance of timely and effective debris removal. At Junk Daddy, our junk removals services in Orlando include construction debris removal.  Our junk pickup professionals haul construction debris from sites and ensure that it doesn’t negatively impact the environment.

Reach out to us and ensure that your property projects don’t have several construction debris risks with the help of our hauling services in Orlando.

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