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Relocating Your Business? Here’s What You Should (And Shouldn’t) Take with You

Finding an optimal location, updating the office address, informing clients, preparing employees, packing and moving items, and relocating your business is a lot of work. To avoid chaos, it’s best to prepare for the move in advance, treat moving as a multi-stage process, and encourage healthy communication so that employee morale remains high and all their queries are answered before any mishaps.

Here are some tips for deciding what to take and what to leave behind to ensure a seamless relocation process.


Set aside some time to plan before the actual moving process begins. Go through the entire inventory to see what items are essential and exclude items that need to be left behind to avoid making the move costly and time-consuming.


Document and label each item in a designated box. For maximum efficiency, add a note indicating what department each box belongs to and maintain a corresponding spreadsheet. This will help you unpack in an organized manner, making the whole process easier and faster.

Data Back-up

Take this opportunity to backup and make multiple copies of all critical data. Make sure to verify the security regulations of your company when dealing with secured files or sensitive information. 


Shred all documents that are unnecessary, old, or redundant. Destroy all outdated files that have been collecting dust or have already been converted to digital files.

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To Go or Not To Go

Make a list of all moveable inventory and start with high-priority items such as appliances, furniture, tech gadgets, filing cabinets, copy machines, etc. Make sure to leave behind miscellaneous items such as pads, markers, or other office supplies if you don’t need them immediately.

Create a trash pile; sell, donate, or throw away any items that aren’t needed. You’ll need the help of a professional junk removal service to take care of items that you can’t easily discard on your own.

Double-check everything so that you don’t have to deal with a painful mix-up or loss situation where an essential item is left behind amid the chaos. In fact, triple-check everything.

Hire Junk Daddy and let us take care of the extra junk in your office space while you focus on making your relocation easy. 

We recycle materials with special care to avoid throwing them in a landfill where they can harm the environment. Call us at 844-407-JUNK (5865) to help us protect the environment while we take care of your junk removal needs in Orlando. Our professional haulers and moving experts can help you dispose of all your unwanted items so that you can start fresh with a clean and organized office space. Stay clutter-free!

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