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Signs It’s Time for a New Microwave

With proper maintenance and certain repairs, your microwave can last anywhere from 7 to 10 years. However, constant use, microwaving certain foods, running it while it’s empty, and slamming the door can decrease your microwave’s lifespan. Even if you clean and maintain your microwave regularly, it wasn’t invented to last a lifetime, so it’s important to replace it every once in a while.

This blog discusses some signs you need microwave replacement immediately.

The Food Isn’t Heating Properly

The purpose of using a microwave is to ease things in the kitchen by heating or even cooking food when needed. However, if your food isn’t being heated properly, your microwave might have multiple issues. If the microwave doesn’t heat food or heats it at an extremely slow speed, despite getting repaired, you’ll need a new microwave.

Burning Smell

While a burning smell is a sign that you need a replacement, it also represents a more serious problem. If you have placed something in your microwave to be heated but notice a burning smell, turn off your microwave immediately. A burning smell indicates that your microwave has faulty wiring, which can be a huge safety risk and a fire hazard. Additionally, if your microwave emits sparks or smoke, don’t use it again; replace it immediately.

The Door Doesn’t Shut Properly

One less-talked-about sign of microwave replacement is having a microwave with a door that doesn’t shut down properly. Microwave doors are made to be completely sealed when working so the radiation doesn’t escape. So if your door isn’t shutting correctly and you notice a gap, throw out the hazardous microwave and bring in one that doesn’t negatively affect your health.

It is Too Loud

Microwaves are designed to make gentle humming sounds when heating or cooking your food. But if this humming is no longer gentle and is replaced by loud buzzes, it has to go! If your microwave makes a rattling or grinding noise, despite the blades and the dish being fine, an immediate microwave replacement is the ideal solution.

An outdated microwave

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