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Signs You Need to Replace Your Shed

From garden tools to other items, garden sheds store it all with ease. However, our sheds are usually ignored by us unless we need to store something in them. As a result, they suffer damage and reach a point where they need replacement.

However, it can get tough to decide whether a shed needs replacement or repairs. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of signs that indicate your shed needs a replacement.

Your Shed is Rotting

Although treated timber is used for constructing sheds, exposure to extreme weather conditions such as UV light, rain, etc., can cause it to rot. Unfortunately, such damage is hard to spot as it’s unnoticeable. As a result, this rotting worsens over time, leading to mold growth, which can be hazardous for health too.

Moreover, exposure to rotten wood can lead to skin rashes, eye irritation, etc. So if your shed is noticeably rotting, it’s time to replace it before it leads to more damage.

Your Shed Has Warped Floors

If your shed isn’t raised off the ground and sits directly on the grass or soil, there’s a high chance the shed’s floor will soak up the moisture from the ground, and the wood will start warping. The baseboards will be stretched, leading to weak spots in the shed’s framework. If your shed’s floors are out of shape, it’s best to replace them.

Your Shed’s Felt is Damaged

A damaged garden shed

A common mistake homeowners make is forgetting about their shed’s felt. However, it’s crucial to inspect it regularly. This is essential as the felt is a fabric crucial for your shed’s installation and keeps your shed dry with its water-resistant characteristics. Constant weather exposure and other factors can damage the felt putting your shed at great risk too.

It’s imperative to fix this damaged felt immediately because if you don’t, it can ruin your entire shed leading to a complete cost shed replacement. If your shed and felt both are damaged, you need to replace it immediately.

Insect Damage

The worst thing that can happen to your shed is an insect infestation. Unfortunately, this isn’t prominent in the early stages since these insects slowly and gradually damage your property. To find out if your shed has any insect damage, thoroughly assess the shed, especially the tiny holes on the panels and floors.

If left uncontrolled, an infestation can have disastrous consequences on your shed. If you notice any damage, take immediate action. If the damage is irreparable, then don’t waste time on it and get your shed replaced.  

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