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Three Safety Measures for Construction Sites

Construction is regarded as a  potentially dangerous industry with a higher risk of accidents. Construction workers are frequently at a higher risk of workplace incidents than other occupations. Moreover, each year millions of construction debris are disposed of.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Stats, 150,000 construction-related accidents occur each year. Some of these accidents may even cause permanent disability. The majority of these occurrences are related to falls and equipment usage. Here are some tips to prevent workplace accidents and keep employees safe.

1. Invest in Training

Construction sites are often equipped with machinery that can be life-threatening if the workers are unaware of how to use them, especially beginners. Whether you have hired an experienced worker or a newbie, providing training is essential to ensure your employee’s safety.

Safety training can be provided during the first month of employment. Firms should also conduct knowledge tests throughout their employees’ employment tenure to test their knowledge and retention. Moreover, certain companies even require operators to provide certifications before hiring them as an additional safety measure and to test their product knowledge.  

2. Provide Them with Protective Gear

Besides machine usage, construction workers are also exposed to other threats such as falling, eye infections due to exposure to dust and debris, collapsing of trenches, handling dangerous materials, etc.

All workers should be provided with PPE (personal protective equipment) kits. This includes safety boots, helmets, eyewear, gloves, and full-face shield protection, depending on the worker’s responsibilities. PPE, will not only act as a safety measure but will also help in reducing work-related accidents.

3. Managing Fatigue

Research says that employees who are exhausted during the weekdays are more likely to experience physical and cognitive fatigue. As a result, exhaustion may play a role in accidents. Working on a construction site is physically challenging, but there are techniques to overcome it.

Technology can play a key role in this regard. Firms should consider investing in machines that can reduce manual work. For example, a boom-style concrete pump can assist in carrying materials to higher floors. Thus, reducing the burden on workers, who otherwise would have to carry them manually. This will also help save time.  

Additionally, companies should ensure that all employees get timely breaks. Such measures will increase their productivity and motivate them to work harder.  

Removal services providers

Regardless of the industrial sector, all employers should ensure safe working practices for the safety and well-being of their workers. The above-mentioned precautions are some of the practices that most companies can adopt to safeguard employee protection.

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