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Understanding E-Waste Recycling: Why You Need to Start Doing It Today

By 2050, global e-waste production will reach or go over 120 million tons per year. In fact, the US alone produces 6.92 million tons of e-waste each year.      

But why do you think there’s such an increased interest in e-waste recycling? In simplest terms, e-waste recycling protects the environment. More and more states are trying to avoid throwing their electronic waste into the community landfills. They have now started looking into e-waste disposal instead. For instance, 25 US States have e-waste disposal laws in place while the others are still undecided.

Why is E-Waste Growing at Such a Fast Pace?

Simply put, there’s just too much of it to deal with. Before e-waste disposal laws came into effect and countries started worrying about the environment and the health of their people, the US dumped all of its e-waste in other countries.

Benefits of E-Waste Recycling

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E-waste recycling has numerous benefits, and it has a positive impact on the environment. One can’t ignore the fact that proper e-waste disposal and recycling is something that everyone in Orlando and the rest of the country need to embrace.

Landfill Space Saving

The landfills are almost full, and the rate at which it’s filling up keeps increasing yearly. This problem is prevalent worldwide, not just in the US. Throwing e-waste into landfills creates many negative environmental issues. For instance, plastics found in these electronic gadgets and the metals used in them such as iron, copper, gold, and aluminum and plastics erode with time. This means that harmful toxins are released into the soil. The soil becomes toxic and destroys all plants and microorganisms on land.  

Worst-case scenario? These toxins get mixed in the water sources and have a detrimental effect on human health. When e-waste is recycled and not thrown into a landfill,  the harmful environmental impact is reduced. Apart from that, fewer microorganisms and plant life is disturbed, and the overall carbon footprint is minimized. We at Junk Daddy can help you be more environmentally conscious. Instead of throwing away your obsolete electronic gadgets in the trash, hand them over to us, and we’ll dispose of them properly. Alternatively, you can even rent one of our dumpsters to throw in all the e-waste and we’ll come and pick it up right away.  

Conservation of Natural Resources

E-waste disposal and recycling help reuse old electronics and incorporate them into newer products. Almost every component of disposed of electronic gadgets is recyclable. For instance, the copper and aluminum wires, glass, and other parts can be reused multiple times. This reduces waste, and you end up saving energy and natural resources while reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.  

Play Your Part – Get in Touch with Junk Daddy

Are you looking for Orlando’s safe, reliable, professional, and eco-friendly e-waste disposal service providers? Look no further. We at Junk Daddy can help you with all your e-waste recycling and disposal needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about our junk removal services in Orlando. Alternatively, you can also call us at 844-407-JUNK (5865).

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