Ways to Make More Space in Your House

Do you, like us, feel that there is never enough space in your house? Are you always looking to make space to store your items? If yes, you’d be happy to read that there’s always a way to create more space in your home.

From hiring cleanout services in Orlando to using attic space, here are some easy and affordable ways to make more space in your house.

Shelves with pillows and decoration items

Use the Space Under the Stairs

Do you live in a multi-story house? If yes, then your staircase will have a lot of space underneath that you can use. Add built-in cupboards and storage boxes to this space and use them to store things.

However, consider the items you plan on storing before transforming this space. For instance, if you want to store blankets or bed sheets, install a pull-out shelf under the staircase. On the other hand, a tall cupboard will be a better option for crockery and cutlery storage.

Multi-functional Furniture Is a Smart Option

Do you live in a house or flat with limited space? If yes, consider getting furniture that you can use for multiple purposes. For instance, you can get a sofa-cum-bed for your living room. In addition, under-bed storage shelves help you store clothes, jewelry, kid’s toys, and more. You can also get a murphy bar for the kitchen, which acts as a table and cabinet.

Basement and Attics Space

Do you have a basement or attic? Many people transform their basements or attics into new rooms, which is the best way to make more space in your house. For instance, you can transform your basement into a guest room or your attic into a home office. Moreover, if you don’t need an extra room, put up storage shelves and racks to transform your basement or attic into a storage space.

Use Over-Head Space

Does your house have high ceilings? If yes, then you can put it to good use. Put shelves and racks wherever possible, and use them to store more items. Invest in a small ladder or stool to make this storage option more functional.

Declutter, Declutter, and Declutter

One of the best options to make more space in your house is to declutter often. One of the biggest mistakes many homeowners make is keeping things that they no longer use or need. These unwanted items take up a lot of space that you can otherwise use for storing useful items. Therefore, declutter your cabinets, shelves, etc., every few days and donate items you don’t need.

A multi-functional bed with shelves

With decluttering, you can make storage space for things you actually need. At Junk Daddy, our cleanout services deep in Orlando clean your house, helping you declutter. We offer services for appliance removal in Orlando to remove old appliances from your house, making room for new ones.

In addition, we do furniture removal in Orlando, removing old furniture from your house and maximizing the space.

Reach out to us and try our junk hauling services in Orlando.

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