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What Is E-Waste and Why Is It Important to Recycle It?

E-waste includes all discarded electronic and electrical equipment. Many people throw them in the garbage when electronics are broken, while others prefer donating. When e-waste is in the garbage bin, it can be dangerous because of it releases toxic chemicals that leach from the metals.

Some modern electronic items above the surface level are safe to be around. However, other electronic items with toxic materials contain elements like lead, mercury, beryllium, and cadmium. If these materials exposed in the open-air, they can cause severe environmental risks to water, wildlife, air, and soil. 

Why is E-Waste Recycling Practice Important?

As per Environmental Protection Agency, electronic devices like chargers, sound systems, televisions, and other household appliances are recyclable. Hence, they are also the most dangerous materials when buried in a particular level of landfill.

When you bury E-waste at a landfill, it can convert into microscopic traces than gross sludge, which permeates at the landfill, also known as leaching. This practice has several benefits, but we have highlighted some of them below;

1.      Rich Source of Raw Materials

Electronic waste recycling comes with various opportunities like they contain a fair amount of precious metals due to their excellent conductivity and resistivity. On an international level, only a few mining companies can recover gold from e-waste successfully. At the same time, the rest of the precious metal is lost.

2.      Solid Waste Management

Management of e-waste is quite a challenge because of the volatile growth of electronic items in the industry. The items are combined with a short product life cycle, which causes a rapid escalation in solid waste production. 

3.      Manage Toxic Materials

Old electronic devices contain toxic elements like cadmium, chromium, and mercury. Thus, they require a proper recycling process to ensure that the material won’t release into the environment. E-waste may also contain other flammable, potentially toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

4.      Cheap Labor to Haul Hazardous Waste

There are several countries where business owners prefer hiring cheap labor and adopting outdated practices to dump E-waste. Due to a lack of expertise, tools, and techniques, the labors is more exposed to toxins. You can save others from severe injuries by adopting environmentally friendly e-waste recycling practices. 

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Final Thoughts

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe from toxic chemicals. Don’t leave e-waste unattended; connect with an expert and ask for the recycling process.

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