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When Does an Old Appliance Become a Safety Hazard?

With every day that passes, we grow more reliant on the appliances we use. From refrigerators to microwave ovens and espresso machines to steaming irons, everything has become an essential part of our lives. Granted it has made life easier for us, the comfort unfortunately comes with a risk. 

There are multiple factors that can turn your seemingly harmless appliance into a safety hazard. To find out what they could be, keep reading this blog and get in touch with junk removal services to dispose of them efficiently. 

You Can See Exposed Wires

We don’t really need to say it, but naked wires could very well be the last thing that you touch. If you spot a wire peeking out from an appliance, immediately unplug it and avoid using it. 

Additionally, avoid using appliances if they have lose wiring or don’t sit perfectly in a socket. This might cause a spark and cause a fuse to blowup. 

There’s Lint and Dust Collecting on Your Washing Machine

If you observe lint and dust layering inside washing machine ducts and vents, remove it immediately, as it can cause a fire.

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It’s crucial to keep an eye on your washing machine and clear out the lint traps and dispensers to avoid setting the dryer vent ablaze

It Has Poor Venting, or Is Leaking

If you use a water heater, it’s crucial to keep an eye on it so there’s no excessive pressure buildup – because if there is, then the risk of an explosion multiplies by folds. Ensure that the pressure relief valves are working properly. 

Gas leaks can also be extremely dangerous, especially when it’s carbon monoxide that’s sneaking out. It can not only harm you and your family, but your pets too. 

It Has a Broken Seal

Broken seals in different appliances mean different things. For instance, when there’s a broken seal in a microwave, it means you’re at an increased risk of exposure to radiation.

Both radiation and gas leaks are hazardous to health, and can be fatal. So, make it a habit to inspect your house appliances for potential dangers at least once a month, if not weekly.

Do You Want Help With Appliance Disposal? 

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We take care of all your old, discarded items and ensure that they’re not thrown away irresponsibly.

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