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When Does an Old Mattress Become a Health Hazard?

An average mattress lasts for eight years at best. After that, it gets old and dingy. It becomes a health hazard once it wears out. Find out more about underlying health and sanitary risks of old mattresses:

Life Expectancy

There’s no magic number to it, although manufacturers advise changing mattress after eight years. A well-cared-for mattress could last for a decade unless you’re 40+ then it can even go beyond two decades (20 years warranty).

However, warranty and mattress life expectancy are two different things.

Health Hazards

Dust Mites, Dead Skin, and Body Oil!

 Because over half of your life is spent in bed, best believe your mattress collects loads of body oil and dead skin: favorite snack of dust mites. A typical mattress can be home to 10 million microorganisms.

And guess what? These dust mites poop in YOUR bed. Yuck alert!

But since these little bugs are invisible, we get along well with them until your allergies start to act up. Then it becomes a health issue because dust mites cause runny nose, sneezing, sinus pressure, watery eyes, itchiness, and coughing.

Mold and Bacteria

Here comes the swarm of mold and bacteria because the old mattress is their paradise. A plethora of fungi and pathogenic bacteria settle in old mattresses because it’s an optimum environment for breeding.

These pathogenic microorganisms cause urinary tract and skin infections. Molds are trigger allergies and eczema. Though you can air and dry out your mattress for a temporary solution to avoid molds. In the long run, you’ll have to replace it.

Back and Neck Pain

Well, as if dust mites weren’t enough that back and neck pain came to steal the show. Even the top-quality mattresses sag and dip over time. Once it losses its oomph, your old mattress will not cradle your body’s pressure points.

Sleeping on a sack-like mattress with no support strains your back and neck. You’ll end up tossing and turning in your bed. Rotating the mattress is only a temporary solution to prolong the life of your mattress.

In the long run, it has potential health hazards.

A woman waking up with neck pain

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